Thursday, February 28, 2013

Junior High Flashback

When I was in Junior High, my coach asked me to run the mile in a track meet once. Once was all it took, and I was never asked to do that again.  I was that runner that came in dead last. The one that everyone was clapping for as I finally appeared around the last corner heading toward the finish line. The support was kind, but more than that, I was embarrassed.   

I wish I could say I love to run, but frankly, I didn’t love to run then and I don’t love it now.  However, now I see it as a necessary evil when I am in my exercising mode.  These days, I can run a mile without wanting to die, but until now I haven’t understood the 5K fitness craze.

Many of our church and work friends have begun to run 5K, 10K and Half Marathons. My husband, Josh, and his buddies began running a few years ago and ran their first 5K in the 2010 Cowtown in Fort Worth.  This year, I finally gave in to the peer pressure and signed up to run in my first 5K. 

Special thanks to my hubby, kiddos and friends for cheering me on. In the middle of my second mile, I got the most wonderful picture from my kids that encouraged me to keep running.

I’m proud to say that 20-something years after my junior high failure at running one mile, I actually conquered it by running 3.2 miles in the 2013 Cowtown!  The only fun part of it was crossing the finish line.  Believe it or not, that was enough to convince me to sign up for the next one.

Julie Swink is a Sr. Marketing Specialist for Texas Health Resources and Mom of two kids who are her biggest cheerleaders.

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