Friday, December 28, 2012

Fit in fifteen: a healthy holiday done the Mom’s way

Like many of you, coordinating gifts with Santa, planning for school parties and family gatherings has left me with little time for getting in regular workouts. In fact, schedules have become so hectic; I’ve taken a “holiday hiatus” from my boot camp fitness training. Not wanting to revert back to my old habits of hand-to-mouth exercising, I reached out to my bootcamp instructor Derek Mendoza, athletic supervisor for Sports Performance at Texas Health HEB for a little help. To accommodate this busy working mom’s schedule, he suggested a great 15-minute workout routine (see below) that uses only my body weight!

With it, I’ve successfully been able to incorporate a good workout in with Christmas musical practices, holiday parties and family gatherings, etc... even with a small amount of time. It has also helped me keep my fitness goals heading in the right direction until I have the time to devote to my regular training again.
Although this joyous season will come and go, I’m determined to making health and wellness a permanent part of my life.

How do you balance being a busy mom with your health and wellness goals? For all you busy working moms out there, try my 15-minute workout and let me know if it works for you too!

Each station should be 20 seconds before taking a 10-second break/transition into the next station. Repeat until all eight stations are complete. Take a one-minute break and repeat the circuit two more times for a total three rounds.

Station#1 - Forward lunge (left leg only)
Station#2 - Forward lunge (right leg only)

Station #3 - Side plank (left side)
Station #4 - Side plank (right side)                         

Station#5 - Line hops (front to back)
Station #6 - Line hops (side to side)

Station #7 - Hip bridges    

Station #8 - Mountain climbers

Nikki Hall-Branch is a Sr. Public Relations Specialist for Texas Health Resources and very busy Mom of one.

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