Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sometimes you need another Mom

Seven months in and I am FINALLY starting to feel comfortable with my new job.

I have dreamed about this job since I was a little girl and I used to play and pretend this role over and over again with friends and family. And now that I am really doing it, every single day it is a lot different than I could have ever imagined. What’s my new job? I am now a full time SAHM, stay-at-home-Mom!

Seven months ago after the birth of my second baby, Lucy, my husband was offered a band director position at one of the local middle schools and we decided that I would resign from teaching elementary music and stay at home with our 2-year-old son, Henry, and our newest addition, Lucy. I’ve gone from spending time doing lesson plans and planning choir concerts and various performances to planning on what to do with our days and trying to find a way to get both kiddos to nap at the same time! I know, I know, that last part is wishful thinking, but sometimes it really does happen and do I do anything productive during that peaceful window of time? Of course not! That’s when I drag the ottoman up to my favorite chair and turn on a cooking or house renovation show.

I have really loved spending every day with the babies and sure there are those days that when Ken, my husband, gets home and I basically run out the door and do a therapy lap around Target. But I think the hardest transition from working full time to staying at home full time is the adult interaction. I mean sure, Henry and I talk all the time, of course 80 percent of the time I have no idea what he’s saying (that’s another blog post), but talking with fellow adults, that’s what I was missing!

Well I found that fix! And that is what has helped me feel more comfortable and confident as my new role as a SAHM. Just about a month ago I joined a Mom’s fitness group. I go three days a week with the kids loaded up in a double jogging stroller and I do a combination of cardio/strength training for an hour with about 8-10 other Moms like me! So I’m not only getting to talk with adults, but with adults like myself.

Finding a Mom’s group does a Mother’s soul good. We all have those moments where you think “holy cow my kid does/did the same thing! I thought it was just me.” In the last month I can’t tell you how many times I have turned to another Mom and said “you and me both girl...”

You know when I was playing SAHM as a little girl with friends, one of us was always the Mom and the other the baby or child, I don’t remember us all being Moms at the same time. Now as an adult and a real Mom, it is a lot more fun to have other Moms around.

Laine Moses is a stay-at-home-Mom to Henry and Lucy.

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