Monday, August 22, 2011

The last morning

A blank sheet of paper. A quiet morning. Coffee. Cat. Spencer upstairs asleep. A morning not unlike so many mornings over the past 18 years.

But it’s the last one.

This is the last morning my son wakes up in our home as a permanent resident. In 24 hours we will be on a plane to California for his freshman year in college. 

I don’t dare even type the phrase “where did the time go?” Beyond the fact it is an incredibly trite, overused, and just plain inadequate offering. The time went ….. in dirty diapers. The time went in big boy pull-up pants and matchbox cars. In crayons and glue. The time went in refrigerator magnets. In big alphabet letters, the time went. In a series of hamsters. It went in flute lessons, Spanish verbs, and US History classes. The time went in special projects, track practices. Journalism. The time went in Harry Potter movies. The time went in dirty socks. Hugs. Ramen noodles. Anime. Japanese symbols. The time went into Facebook. And then it went in SAT and ACT tests. It went in college visits. Yet still it seemed plentiful. There was so much yet to do!! And then it went….in experiencing all “the last ones.” The last football game. The last Christmas convocation. The last band concert. The last Awards Day. The last prom. Graduation.

First Mother-Son dance at St. Marks Marksman Ball 
The last summer.

And now, the last morning.

But maybe…..maybe I have it wrong. Tomorrow is the first day of his new adventure! So many firsts are right here in front of us. Our future lies ahead--his and mine. 

Tomorrow is the first of many firsts. What a wonderful time of life!

Bonnie Bell is executive vice president for People and Culture at Texas Health Resources and proud Mom to a college freshman.

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