Thursday, August 18, 2011

Two if by air

Travelling is not foreign to my little one.

In fact, he took his first plane trip at 6 weeks of age.

However, a long plane trip for our little mobile, almost one-year-old is new. In a few short weeks, we will be taking Wells with us on one of our favorite family vacations. However, it takes five hours on a plane to get there.

To add to the stress of getting to our vacation, my husband will not be travelling with me.  It will be me with a one-year-old.  By nature Wells is a very easy child.  He has also had tubes put in his ears, so I don’t worry about his ears popping.  But, I do have nightmares about how in the world I am going to keep him happy and entertained for five hours sitting in one place.

I thought I would use this opportunity to get some “tricks of the trade” from other mothers out there about how to keep a child entertained on a long plane or car trip.  If you have any great ideas, please leave me a comment.

Whitney Jodry is a Senior Public Relations Specialist at Texas Health Resources and new Mom to son Wells.

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