Monday, August 1, 2011

Does separation anxiety ever get easier?

Being a working mom is tough. It is challenging to balance all the demands of work and the needs of your child.  It is even more difficult to manage the emotional roller coaster that comes with leaving your child. For the past 11 months, I think it has been harder on me than is has been on my child. Just recently, my little boy, Wells, has been dealing with terrible separation anxiety.  Everything I read says that this is normal for a 10 – 11 month old. But, does it ever get easier? 

This morning was a classic separation anxiety. Our nanny arrived to the house and everything was fine. I began packing up my bags and grabbed my keys. The tears started. Wells is smart enough to know that when mommy packs her bags and grabs her keys, that means she is leaving. He grabbed my leg, began sobbing uncontrollably.  That opened my flood gate of tears. I commute a ways to work and it seemed like the longest commute of my life. 

All day I have been glued to my phone wondering how my little one is doing. He has had sad moments and happy moments. I seem to live for the happy photos my nanny sends. And so I ask all you other mothers out there, what tips do you have to help ease separation anxiety?

Whitney Jodry is a Senior Public Relations Specialist for Texas Health Resources and first-time Mom to son Wells.

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  1. it is always going to be emotional, but most importantly, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST SO THAT YOU CAN REMAIN HAPPY AND HEALTHY FOR YOUR BABY. it will not be easier but the days will get easier to handle. since this is your first you may have strong emotions one way which show. you also have alot of energy especially right after pregnancy and everything else with the morning. i used to have to "disappear" awhile then leave or get ready, wake the baby enough to change, then take to sitter's.