Thursday, July 25, 2013

An Interview with a 5-Year-Old

Catching a glimpse of the thoughts of a 5-year-old is quite entertaining.  As a preschool project, Preston was asked a series of questions by his teacher about Mom.  I then followed suit and asked him similar questions about Dad.  Below are the interviews.  My own commentary is in parenthesis. 

About Mom:
What is your mom’s name?  Julie. I call her Momma.
What does she like to do?  Play with me.
How old is she?  I think she’s 60. (Ouch!!  He later told me, “Well, that was before your birthday.  Now you’re 70.”  Wow, that feels much better.)
What is her favorite color?  I think she likes pink. (Or perhaps purple or blue.)
What is her favorite food?  Pizza & eggs. (Never once have I eaten pizza and eggs together.  I wonder where he comes up with this stuff?!)
What is her favorite movie?  Charlotte’s Web (Or “Steel Magnolias” but we can go with “Charlotte’s Web.”)
Where does she like to take you for fun?  To the dentist because I like to go to the dentist.  (Am I a good mom, or what?!  If that’s the best place we go together, I really need to work on our outings.)
What makes your mom special?  She’s special because I love her very much.  (Aww…I love him!)
If you had a hundred dollars, what would you buy?  Um…something that costs a hundred dollars. (Of course!)
What makes girls pretty?  Because of their hair.
What makes boys handsome?  Because of the shoes that they wear. (Interesting!)

About Dad:
What is your daddy’s name?  Josh
How old is your daddy?  60.  He hasn’t had his birthday yet. (Well, at least we started out as the same age.)
How tall is your daddy?  9 feet tall. (Wow, that’s tall!)
How much does your daddy weigh?  49 pounds. (Just a little off.) 
What is your daddy’s favorite TV show?  Baseball  (Nailed it!)
What is your daddy’s favorite drink?  Tea (Right again!)
What does your daddy like to eat?  Eggs for breakfast (yes, sir), Pasgetti for lunch (Not so much for lunch) and Lunchable for dinner (Not even close).
What is your favorite thing about daddy?  When he plays legos with me.
My daddy always says….   I love you before I go to bed.  (Aww!)
My daddy always laughs when I…..  throw a fit, but it’s not funny. (Guilty)
It makes me happy when my daddy….  Tells me he loves me. 

You never know what may come out of the mouths of children.  It’s fun to see what goes on in their minds and how they interpret their surroundings.  I think I’ll do this again each year to see how many of the answers change.  I may even do it with my 2-year-old just for grins!

Have you ever interviewed your children and gotten off-the-wall responses? 

Julie Swink works in Brand Management & Promotions for Texas Health Resources and is a Mom of two.

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