Friday, July 12, 2013

Straight from the heart

I am so grateful to have a son and daughter that I can trust.  They share things that children will not share with their parents.  For this, I am grateful. 

As the Mom of two nearly grown children I’ve learned a few lessons while they were growing up that have served all of us well over the years.

Parents, build a trust relationship with your children.  Start as early as possible, but start!

Let them know “the truth” about your life’s experiences and listen to what they have to say.

If they share something with you,  do not judge them, do not share with others (without their permission), do not bring it up in conversations that you have with them, unless they bring it up first and most importantly do not use anything they tell you as ammunition to lash at them in a disagreement or augment.

Listen to your child.

Having a close relationship with my children is something I’ll always be grateful for. After all, What better person to share your secrets with then your parents who can take your secrets to God in prayer?

Karen Metcalf is a Sr. Administrative Assistant to the Sr. VP of Communications & Image at Texas Health Resources and Mom of two.

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