Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer schedule changes

What is this communication you speak of?

Summer + SAHM (stay at home Mom) + school teacher dad who’s off=__________________

Well, we’re a month into summer break and my husband and I are still trying to learn how to live together! We’ll have it figured out by August I’m sure. But seriously, being in a routine and then having it drastically change is hard. I have had a year of trial and error with handling both kiddos on my own and I have traveling and going out with them down to an art.

A couple days ago we went on a trip to the mall, I had to get my phone replaced after it went swimming in the toilet and we were going to make an outing of it.

We packed the kids up in the double stroller and off we went, first stop the Apple store.  We were there for about 30 minutes and Henry is making laps and Ken is chasing him around with Lucy on his hip while I talk to the tech guy about replacing my phone. The next thing I know Lucy is being handed over and Henry is standing in a puddle of pee in the middle of the store. (Yay, potty training!) Ken begins to mop up the mess, and I go over to inspect how he’s doing it, and putting Henry in the stroller and well … critiquing the situation.  What a fun outing that was! We immediately left after I got my phone to the disappointment of Henry and myself … you see going to the mall equals getting a cookie. It’s the best thing you can buy there, and it always fits!

So without our cookie we drove home.

I could tell Ken was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed so I was going to keep my mouth shut and let it pass. Would I have taken care of the situation differently? Of course! But here is my thing and I would like to thank my father for this wonderful trait, my way is the right way - always. And this gets me in a lot of trouble, not only does it keep me from listening to others but also causes me to think that I do everything. I do it to myself all the time especially when it comes to the kids. I feel I have to do everything because I am the only one who knows how to do it the right way. Anyone else?  I need to stand back and let go.

After a discussion, Ken and I realized we just need to talk. We decided that I need to back off and tell him more what he can do to help and that he just needs to do what he feels and be more proactive and not worry about me.

During the school year we’ve got it down and this summer we’ll figure it out, I have no doubt but communication…ugh, why can’t he just be a mind reader?!

How do you and your family adjust to changes in routine?

Laine Moses is a stay-at-home-Mom to Henry and Lucy.

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